Karitsu is the base of kenpo blended with Ju Jitsu.
In 2005 we created the badge seen here, that had two arrows, the top with an american flag and the bottom with the japanese flag, the top arrow signifies kenpo, and is going to the ground, and the bottom arrow is ju jitsu from the ground up. The blue circle around the outside keeping everything strong within,was representing the brazillian Ju Jitsu also added here and there. The circle is within the square, significant of returning the storm.

   The name Karitsu came from kenpo KARate and ju jITSU.
in 2OO6 I was tested in front of 7th dan. Mr Paul Smith and 5th Dan Ray House, Mr Smith who has competed and coached the England karate team, is a multi styles examiner and the representetive to FEKO, the governing body for karate. I presented EVERYTHING I knew upto 2nd deg black in Kenpo and also everything required upto Brown Belt in Ju Jitsu. I was successfull in being promoted to Nidan, and kenpo karitsu was officially recognised by FEKO. Which is the governing body for the Federation of Martial Arts. who we licenced through.

I feel obliged to keep the Karitsu flag flying, and remember the Students ,teachers parents and friends from the UK that without,.... our journey would of been pretty plain, if we had not have  met so many wonderfull people .
here is what we achieved in 2 years prior to emigrating, and the heart breaking day we had to close our 3 clubs, which had nearly 100 students.
Coming Soon more demos, pictures and video clips..
My Eldest Daughter Lorren taking me down with a flying scissor sweep
While my Youngest Casey throws me with a classic Judo Throw tomonagi
Tracey My Wife demonstrates arm lock no 1.
A 100% blend of Ed Parkers Kenpo KARate and Traditional JujITSU

As Taught to us in England by First Generation Black Belt of Mr Parker, Mr Gary Ellis
Founder of P.K.S. SYSTEMS

A totally up to date and modern system based on the worlds most advanced system,Ed Parkers American Kenpo.

The following text is taken directly from the definition of "The Equation Formula" in the Encyclopedia of Kenpo.

This is a special formula that one can follow to develop specific, practical, and logical fighting patterns. The formula allows you a more conclusive basis for negotiating your alternate actions. It reads as follows: To any given base, whether it is a single move or a series of movements, you can:

Prefix it - add a move or moves before it,
Suffix it - add a move or moves after it,
Insert - add a simultaneous move with the already established sequence (this move can be used as a (a) pinning check - using pressure against an opponent's weapons to nullify their delivery, or (b) positioned check - where you place the hand or leg in a defensive position or angle to minimize entry to your vital areas
Re-arrange - change the sequence of the moves,
Alter the - (a) weapon, (b) target, or (c) both weapon and target,
Adjust the - (a) range, (b) angle of execution (which affects width and height), or (c) both angle of execution and range,
Regulate the - (a) speed, (b) force, (c) both speed and force, or (d) intent and speed,
Delete - exclude a move or moves from the sequence.


The Equation Formula is one of the central concepts of Kenpo. However, to really understand its sublteties, it must be used in conjunction with the Universal pattern.Within the Equation Formula, the sixth change is to "Adjust", but you need to remember that you can Adjust the angle of execution in three dimensions. If you really understand the use of three dimensions for angle adjustments and movement in general, you begin to realize that Kenpo KARITSU really is just a handful of core techniques with hundreds of different Adjustments (or variations).

Mr Gartland, is a second generation Black Belt of the late Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker.
and (probably) the only instructor in Adelaide with this direct lineage, having trained with the same instructor for over 20 years.Directly, not from videos, or internet promotions.

He has Trained with, Ed Parker, Gary Ellis, Richard Huk Planas, John Sepulveda, Lee Wedlake, Trevor Sherman ,Jeff Speakman, Angelo Collado, Paul Dye, Jaki Mc Vicar, Larry Beltramo, Ingmar Johannson, Gilbert Valez, Rainer Shulte, Ed Downey, Bill Wallace, Martin Whealer, Nigel Romerill, Graham Lelliot, Brian Duffy, Steve White, Len Brassard ,as well as Danny Dameral, Pierre Rovigatti,in Ju Jitsu

What is Karitsu?