Since 1985 During my Kenpo Journey there have been many seminars, I have had th pleasure of meeting so many wonderfull like minded people, and trained with some of the worlds finest Kenpoists.
Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker 1985
Plymouth Devon
Jeff Speakman
approx. 1996
Torquay Devon
Master Richard "Huk" Planas
At our House Estover Plymouth

Kenpo Friendship Camp
Plynouth. Steve White and Len Brassard
Kenpo Friendship Camp
  Len Brassard - Steve White - Gary Ellis - Lee Wedlake
Ingmar Johannson - Mark Richards
Kenpo Kids with The charachter we created, Webster the Spider, who`s Mission was to travel to Kenpo Clubs around the World.. Here doing the webster wave as he goes off to Sweden with Ingmar.
Master Lee Wedlake
Plymouth Late 90s
Me and Lorren With Jeff Speakman
   Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Plymouth Mid 90s.
To Celebrate Gary Ellis 30 years in Kenpo, The Plymouth Students chipped in to have Doc make a special sword for him, I also have one of his Knives he made for me.
This Is DOC PRICE, A very good friend of mine from Plymouth. Doc has owned and run a very well know tattoo shop in Plymouths even more well known, Union Street since the 1960s, He is one of Thee Characters of the City, I spent a lot of Time with Doc both at his shop, with him at martial arts, and at the back of his shop in his metalwork garage. Doc has black belts in Aikido, Kendo, Judo and iaido. A total of 10 dan grades. He Represented New Zealand over 30 years ago in the Kendo World Championships, He received his black belt in Judo back when he said "To have a black belt you needed to be close to God"thats how rare a black belt was, he said a 2nd or 3rd dan you were Higher than God.Doc is world renowned as a Master Sword Maker, his Samurai swords are of the finest in the world, and he is very well respected in Japan. He held a seminar in his garage an I was fortunate to be there to film it. Some of the worlds finest in their own right were invited to teach, Howard Clarke from the USA had so much to share.. I will share some of the footage one day Of Doc.. he would be well in his 70s now, and a miss him a lot.