Come and try it out for FREE

First week is FREE

So that means you could come and try it out for 1 lesson at each club in one week.
which means you COULD have 2  free lessons (in one week only)

if you like it, we will give you a membership form.
Cost of a yearly membership is
$60.00for Kids
$65.00 For Adults
Membership Renewals due each year
$50.00 Kids - $55.00 Adults

Lesson Fees Effective from JUNE 1st 2015
kids $12.00
Adults $17.00
$17.00 Parents doing the 1 hour mixed class (non members)

If you pay for 10 Lessons out right, you will receive 11 lessons for the price of 10
Families with Kids etc. are welcome to share the bulk lessons

Thats it.. Pay as you go. No hidden costs, no contracts.


KIDS uniforms which includes Yellow Belt Training manual $70.00
ADULTS uniforms also with an Adults Training Journal $75.00


Kenpo Karitsu Crest $25.00
Universal Patch $15.00
Adelaide Rocker $15.00
Karitsu Australian Flag $15.00
Association Patch $15.00


hirt $38.00

Club Badges : 
Karitsu Patch $25.00
Universal Patch $12.00
Adelaide Rocker patch $12.00
Flag Patch $12.00
Association Patch $12.00

Costs and Fees