Brian Castleman Started his martial arts training in 1987 at the age of 14, in full contact kick boxing, with his best mate Ian Cole. The instructor was Ian's cousin, trained in Muay Thai with weapons training. First lesson taught how to block, punch and kick, second lesson straight in the ring with an 18 year old. Didn't last too long after, too many fats lips and black eyes. Then didn't start training again until December 2003 under Chokan Sensei Andy Rae, Zenith Martial Arts Australia. Brian trained 2-3 days a week for two months, then he was invited to go to senior training every Sunday for 2 hours. It was a lot stricter and harder than normal training, with boxing and fitness most weeks.
Mr. Brian Castleman 1st Deg. Black Belt
In 2004 he became a Sempai for Sensei Tony Cotton helping run a kids and adult class every week. In 2005 he was given the honour of running his own class with the help of my Sempai/Sensei Adrian Jones. Every three months there were Gradings and he would look after 40+ kids with the help of Adrian.
   On the 9th December 2007 he was invited to test for Black Belt a four hour grading with a thousand push ups, star jumps, crunchies etc. He Passed and also received his Instructor Accreditation Certificate level 3 in Dojo management.
Not long after that, the club closed.
   Brian then Joined the Asia Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation Under Master Stephen G. Washington 7th Dan, and was graded to 6th gup Green Belt on 16th August, 2008 and then 4th gup Brown Belt on 15th November, 2008. he was trained in weapon forms bo staff and weapons training, under Master Ian Kipling 4th Dan. (who is also now a student of Kenpo Karitsu).
  Brian finally came to Kenpo Karitsu in 2009 and has an obvious ability and talent to work with kids and adults, I  invited Brian to assist as the instructor at the New Aldinga club, 2 years in some martial arts, will see students promoted to black belt, as of April 2013 Brian is working towards 1st Brown, with a proposed date for 1st deg, Black Belt in Mid 2014.

As our Senior Student, and a Club Director for the Aldinga Studio he continues to bring students both young and adult closer to their next belt with a 100% Pass Rate at Aldinga.

We are very fortunate to have Dedicated, passionate martial artists, in our club, who on the outside might not be wearing a black belt in Karitsu, yet, however, on the inside, they are black belts.

Ed Parker had a saying,
We Don`t Teach Karate , We teach People.

26th September 2014 at Sellicks Beach, South Australia. Brian was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt and the first to reach this rank in the Kenpo Karitsu System.
Board of examiners included Vice President of the IBF Mr Kym Reid, and Mr Dave Gartland head instructor Kenpo Karitsu.