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The Art that is rapidly expanding down South in Adelaide.
Kenpo Karitsu
Taught at Aldinga Beach and Sellicks Beach

Taught by:
Head Instructor
Mr. David Gartland 4th Dan Black Belt
assisted by
Brian Castleman 1st Dan Black Belt
Neil Irvine 2nd Brown

Contact Dave Gartland 0450805778

Celebrating 30 years, in 2015
of Kenpo with direct lineage as a 2nd generation black belt in Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate
and over 12 years in Ju Jitsu
In 2005, after 20 years of training with 8th Deg. Black Belt Mr.Gary Ellis in Plymouth UK.
My  journey went in direction that Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker instilled into his students. He gave us the tools of the trade to become our own individual craftsman.
This would not have been possible without the Guidance of Mr Ellis.
I will be forever gratefull to him,

As a family we Developed Kenpo Karitsu which is an Art now officially recongnised by the F.M.A, (The Federation of Martial Arts) who are affiliated to F.E.K.O of which is one of the UK Governing bodies for martial arts
Now we are recongnised here in Australia through the I.B.F.
We are proud members of the IBF who in their 40th year are recognised World Wide

with Ju Jitsu Moves Throws Takedowns and Grappling from
Traditional and Brazilian Ju Jitsu added,
Making A very Comprehensive system to suit anyone any age any size.

A whole lot more than just a martial arts club..

"We don`t teach Karate  -- we teach people"
Ed Parker